Tips for Finding the Right Home for Your Family


When beginning the process of finding a new home, it is often difficult to know where to begin. Before researching the market or analyzing housing options, home buyers may want to start by prioritizing their family’s needs, determining what are “need-to-haves” and what are “nice-to-haves.” Below are some factors you may want to consider when trying to find the right home for your family.

When you begin searching for the right home for your family, you may first want to determine what would be the best location. One of the best ways to find a home location that suits your family is to assess your needs and determine how much your family can compromise. For instance, do you have small children or pets that require a large backyard to play in? Or would you be equally happy taking your kids and dog to the local park? Do you need quiet surroundings, like a dead-end street, or do you prefer the hustle and bustle of metropolitan areas? These are the types of general assessments which may help you determine an ideal location for your family.

Though it may be easy to determine what type of environment your family wants to reside in, you will want to spend more time analyzing the details of the neighborhoods you are considering. As you try to determine which neighborhoods are best for your family, you may want to take into account such factors as the quality of nearby schools and the proximity to shopping or your workplace. After seeing what different neighborhoods have to offer, compare the pros and cons of each area you are considering to determine the best location for your family.

After you have a chance to look at a few homes and research various neighborhoods, try to visualize the best home for your family. Though you have probably already thought about how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family needs, consider keeping a list of desired amenities – both essential and those that you could live without – as you continue the home buying process. You may also want to consider what type of home construction your family needs, from a standard single-family home to a condominium or even a multi-family home. Upon viewing particular homes, you may realize that your family needs a certain amount of storage space or more overall square footage than you realized. Add and subtract from this list as you look at more homes, always keeping track of where your family can compromise.

For instance, if you find a home that meets all of your family’s needs but has a smaller than desired garage, you could still be faced with an opportunity that is too good to pass up. Furthermore, you might find the perfect home in a neighborhood you never thought to consider, or in a specific type of construction that was initially ruled out of your search. Quite simply, try not to limit your family’s options too much and remain open-minded throughout the home buying process. You might even find a great home with special features you never thought your family could afford – like a pool, a spa or an extra fireplace.

When trying to find the best home for your family, try to stay organized and keep your priorities straight. As you look at different homes, try to consider how each property fits your family’s needs. After finding some homes that meet your family’s needs, you may then want to focus on each home’s desirable extras to help narrow down your search. By making such lists and assessing your family’s needs throughout the home buying process, you might be surprised how quickly you uncover the home of your dreams.

The staff at Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC writes select articles about important topics related to real estate.