The steps toward your successful career as a professional real estate sales associate includes an interview with our Director of Career Development, completing a skills assessment and passing the licensing course through the University of British Columbia, Real Estate Division. You can explore further in this section what qualities you would need to become a successful agent.

Successful agents are defined by a combination of traits that contribute to a profitable career. If you have some of the qualities described below, a career in real estate might be just what you are looking for:

"People Person" Skills: Buyers and sellers tend to be overwhelmed with the real estate process. Successful agents have a strong desire to help others overcome these stresses and are outgoing and enthusiastic.

Empathy: Agents anticipate and identify the needs and wants of their clients and empower them to make intelligent decisions.

Focus: Successful real estate agents create their own opportunities. If you concentrate on your priorities and specific objectives, you will come out on top.

Patience: Sometimes you'll see immediate results, sometimes you won't - a client may hesitate or become uncertain. It's your job to remain composed and consistent throughout the duration of the sale.

Thirst for Knowledge: The real estate industry changes constantly. Successful agents thrive on change and look for innovative opportunities to learn and grow.

Good Listening Skills: Communication is a key component to knowing your client and improving your performance. The more you listen-with both your eyes and your ears-the better you will understand what clients want and need.

Financially Stable: You will make money as a real estate agent - but it's important to realize that you should have adequate savings for a few months prior to beginning your real estate career. It's a lot easier to focus on customer service and building your business when you have some money in the bank.

Team Oriented: You need to recognize that your attitude affects the success of others. Successful agents are enthusiastic and understand the importance of loyalty and team work.

Positive Attitude: When you put in the extra effort, take pride in your work, and do your job to the best of your ability, you will reach your goals and be rewarded for your efforts. Desire and motivation will be the key attributes to your success day after

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